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“Some people are talking about stimulating the gag reflex, and all these mechanical things to stimulate the vagus nerve, but this is another way to think about how to actually stimulate the vagus nerve where the action is.”

Christine Schaffner

The Spectrum of Health

“Parasym Plus gave me a glorious morning dump that filled the entire toilet bowl on a repeated and predictable basis.”

Ben Greenfield

Ben Greenfield Fitness

“Parasym Plus which helps rebuild the parasympathetic tone of the vagus and something im hoping to try soon. Her videos on YouTube are amazing, highly recommend to watch to help understand how this works and may be able to help.”

Katerina Baboulas

Healing Together

“Let's inspire everyone out there that's suffering from things that no one can figure out, just say you can figure it out.”

Reena Jadhav

Heal Circle

“From Dr. Diana Driscoll’s personal and family journey and her work with patients, she has created a line of supplements, including the patented Parasym Plus, to meet the specific needs of those dealing with these complex, chronic illnesses.“

Scott Forsgren

Better Health Guy

“The vagus nerve has largely been overlooked for some time and it’s important as it is finally being recognized more fully.”

Ryan Hallford

Craniosacral Podcast

“With Parasym Plus, patients experience decreased fatigue and brain fog in general. Some of them also report being less anxious, which isn't even the primary reason we began using it! It is wonderful to have a supplement like this to offer to our patients. It works like nothing else on the market!”

Dr. Derek Lang

Lang Family Medicine

“Try the supplement that really has the ability to make a huge difference, especially for those who are struggling with answers…”

Michal Ofer

Wellness Warriors

Dr. Mike Okouchi

Doctor of Chiropractic & Entrepreneur

Jason Moore

Founder of Elite HRV

Laurie Hammer


The Chief Life

Matty & Stacey Turner

Melissa Gearing

The Naked Naturopath

Dr. Jannine Krause

The Health Fix

Mackay Rippey

Lyme Ninja Radio

Dorian Holmes ND

Naturopathic Doctor

Melissa Davis, Ph.D


Dr. Patricia Murray

Discovery Health

Sherry Belcher MS,CN

Nutritionist / Author / Lecturer

Dr. Donald Levine

ENT Medicine and Surgery

Samia Khoury

Herbalist / Health Coach / Wellness Educator

Kate McCandless

Justine Altman

Beth O'Hara

Naturopathy / Emotional Wellness

Stacey Turner

ReNee GreenbergRN, MTOM, LAc, IFMCP

David Germeau

Michelle Curtis

Jarod Gunning

Hollie Donelson

Victoria Faling


Cara ZallerMS, CNS, CNC, FDN

Nutrition Specialist

Jason Boyd

Functional Practitioner