What is the science behind NeuroTears™?

is the only supplement scientifically proven to support tear production
is the result of a remarkable discovery – tear production and inflammation are
both neurologically controlled by the same chemical messenger.
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How long does it take for NeuroTears™ to work?

A word from the inventor, Dr. Diana Driscoll, Optometrist: “Although everyone is different, some
patterns were noticed in clinical trials. When constipation was a problem, results often occurred
the same day! We wanted to be sure the vagus nerve was stimulated and watched for a bowel
movement first. When acetylcholine levels were very low in the brain and wakefulness and
cognition were dramatically affected, many people could feel the difference within an hour! The
more dramatically affected, the more obvious the response. For others, cognitive improvement
was more subtle and was sometimes perceived as feeling younger! We watched pupil size
closely, and these normalized in 2-3 days. When this occurred, we knew tear production was
stimulated – it was just a matter of time before ocular comfort improved. We allowed 4-6 weeks
for full improvement. It was an amazing journey to see people not only regain their ocular
comfort but feel better overall! Many people assumed they didn’t feel great because they were
getting older, under stress, or not eating well. As it turned out, it was all neurological.”

Tell me about the ingredients in NeuroTears™

All of the ingredients in NeuroTears™ are generally regarded as safe (GRAS) by the FDA.
Please consult your healthcare practitioner if you have any questions about its use in your case.
TM does not contain gluten, corn, salt, sucrose, starch, nuts, yeast, artificial colors, or
artificial flavors.
Importantly, people who need vagus nerve support tend to be very sensitive. The ingredients
and amounts of each were carefully chosen and tested with this in mind.

How should I take NeuroTears™?

For best results take 2-3 capsules first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Can I take NeuroTears™ with other supplements?

tends to work better when taken on a basically empty stomach but can be taken
with other supplements. All ingredients in NeuroTears
TM are generally regarded as safe (GRAS)
by the FDA. Please consult your health care practitioner if you have any questions about its use
in your case.

Why did my bowel movements improve on NeuroTears™ ?!

NeuroTears™ works by boosting levels of acetylcholine – the neurotransmitter needed by the
lacrimal nerves (tear production), the brain (cognition), and the vagus nerve (inflammation and
every aspect of digestion and bowel movements). Studies show that it can take 4-6 weeks for
the full effect on tear production and ocular comfort, but in many cases, bowel movements
improve the same day!

My vagus nerve is damaged. Will NeuroTears™ still work?

is uniquely designed to stimulate the receptors of the parasympathetic nerves,
which are still functioning when the vagus nerve is damaged. There is no need to stimulate your
vagus nerve or your lacrimal nerve! By using NeuroTears™
, the receptors of these nerves are
appropriately stimulated. There is no need to know if your nerve is damaged – NeuroTears™
works around these issues no matter the cause of a poorly functioning nerve.

Why did my light sensitivity improve almost immediately when taking NeuroTears™?

You may have noticed an improvement in light sensitivity because NeuroTears™ also
normalizes pupil size! When the neurotransmitter controlling the parasympathetic nervous
system is not released properly for any reason, pupils get bigger. The sympathetic nervous
system (“fight or flight”) makes pupils larger. The parasympathetic nervous system (“rest and
digest”) makes pupils smaller. Many people who struggle with low tear production develop light
sensitivity, not because of the dryness, but because of the pupil size! This neurological
approach to tear production and ocular comfort is a revolutionary breakthrough.

NeuroTears™ has worked so well for me! Will I always need to take this to maintain my improvements?

Everyone is different. If you need NeuroTears™ because you have genetic issues with making
acetylcholine, you have damaged nerves, you take anticholinergic medications, or you have
chronically blocked the release of acetylcholine (due to inflammation or aging, for example),
then it will be needed long-term. Should you be low in acetylcholine temporarily, such as
increased inflammation from intense exercise or short-term illness, then it may only be needed
short-term! You do not need to know if your nerve is damaged, or if you have genetic issues with
the manufacturing of acetylcholine – NeuroTears™ works around these by working directly on
the receptors of the nerves. NeuroTears™
is unique, patented, and the result of over a decade
of research. Remember to watch your energy levels, cognition, and digestion in addition to your
tear production!