The smarter way to natural tears.


Not an Eyedrop!

Simplify your life with an oral supplement that supports normal tear production.

NeuroTears™ is the only supplement scientifically proven to support tear production neurologically. Take just one serving in the morning and promote the formation of a gentle tear film that lasts all day.*

Invented by Dr. Diana Driscoll, Optometrist, a researcher of the parasympathetic nervous system.


What’s been missing in tear production?

NeuroTears™ is the first and only supplement that promotes tear production by supporting fundamental systems of the human body.*

In The News!


The journey to answers for neurological tear production by an optometrist who suffered autonomic nervous system dysfunction. This is a story of how a doctor becomes the patient, then the patient becomes the researcher to
get answers.


Neurological control of tear production is a dramatic departure from the traditionally narrow view that this is merely an “eye issue”. Tear production is a part of the autonomic nervous system and supporting it can also allow people to feel their best, while simultaneously supporting normal tear production. Dr. Diana Driscoll, Optometrist explains.


How an eye doctor discovers the neurological connection between tear production and inflammation control! This changing mindset is the first tim tear production was viewed as one aspect of systemic health.


Doctors discuss how this revolutionary approach to tear production resonates with doctors and patients alike! This new discovery of neurological tear production changes everything.


“For years literally I have suffered with dry, inflamed, red irritated eyes. It’s amazing after 30 years of chronic eye problems, multiple specialist appts, lots of eye medications, I’m so much better.”

Joanie H.

“My dry eyes feel a lot better after only a few weeks! I can’t wait to see long term what the product will do!!! I am impressed !!!”

Caroline F.

"Love this product!

I delayed buying this for a couple of months even though my eye doctor recommended it. My dry eyes are MUCH improved and I have started a subscription to it so I don't run out. I only take one other supplement that I can actually tell that it helps me. I plan to continue with NeuroTears."

Lindie H.

"Relief at last!

I took 3 a day to start and could feel moisture in my eyes the next morning after my first dose; by day 10, I actually produced Tears 😭. three weeks in , I was waking up with no ‘crud’ in the corners of the eyes - I signed up for the monthly subscription!"

Nancilee C.

"Finally, something that provides relief! I’ve been using this product for about 3 or 4 months and it’s really working! I’ve tried everything; xiidra, restasis, expensive fish oil, expensive lubricant eye drops, tear plugs, you name it and I’ve probably tried it! This product has given me the most relief. In fact, I moved recently and the new delivery address didn’t take effect on my auto ship order so I had to go several days without it and boy was I miserable! Sometimes I take 3 pills but usually I just need 2/day and I’m good for the whole day. I’m so glad I took the chance on yet another thing promising to relieve dry eye because I finally found something that works!"


Helped with my dry eyes

Really glad I decided to purchase this!


Remarkable New Discovery

NeuroTears™ controls inflammation and supports tear production neurologically via

The Vagus Nerve, which controls inflammation*

The Lacrimal Nerves, which stimulate tear production*

From Inventor Diana Driscoll, OD, FAAO

"By simultaneously supporting both the lacrimal nerves (for tear production) and the vagus nerve (for normal inflammation control), tear production is significantly maximized. Remarkably, never before has tear production been addressed neurologically with a supplement blend that’s not only unique and patented but also an exciting new option for maintaining normal tears.”

Diana Driscoll OD, Inventor



The surface of your eyes, also known as the ocular surface, essentially requires natural, nutrient-rich tears for clear vision, nourishment, and protection. Consequently, NeuroTears™ actively supports natural tear production and effectively powers a cycle of tear loss and tear production that is both stable and consistent.

OTC treatments like artificial tears are no substitute for natural tears because natural tears do more than replace moisture..

The key to achieving long-term, hassle-free relief lies primarily in maximizing natural tears and effectively controlling inflammation. This approach ensures a balanced and sustainable solution.

Acetylcholine deficiency is the problem & We found a way around it.

Aging, inflammation, and nerve damage significantly restrict the release of acetylcholine, and notably, low acetylcholine is a major contributor to dry eye. Consequently, NeuroTears™ effectively bypasses these issues and directly impacts the receptors, without relying on a functioning nerve.


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